METALIKA specializes in the production of metal furniture and metal fabrications, through sheet metal processing, performing various operations such as: cutting, stamping, bending, laser cutting, all on CNC machines, MIG - MAG and TIG welding, painting in an electrostatic field.

We manufacture a diverse range of metal products with various uses such as filing cabinets, cupboards, lockers, shelves, safes, gun cabinets, medical furniture, metal parts for various equipment, electrical boxes, various metal structures, furniture for interior decorations, industrial furniture, etc.


Having expanded production capabilities and experience accumulated over more than 40 years, we supply metal-made products for various industrial segments such as the railway, automotive, maritime, medical, and military industries.


We offer a wide range of lockers with long doors, compartmentalized lockers with short doors, and Z-door lockers, as well as various solutions for storing small items. The lockers have a solid construction, made from welded sheet metal, for long-term use. With different types of compartments, METALIKA lockers cover all types of storage needs. We can custom-make any size and specifications, in various structure configurations and colors.


Storage in office spaces has become a challenge. That's why we have created the best solutions for optimizing storage spaces. METALIKA cabinets and filing cabinets are easy to use, secure, and durable, with a high shelf load capacity. They can be configured in various sizes and colors according to the client's requirements.

Weapon cabinets / safes

We have extensive experience in the construction of gun cabinets and safes, both for the Romanian market and for the European market. Depending on your needs, we offer various types of gun cabinets and safes, which provide the necessary security for these special categories of products.


We manufacture shelves from painted or galvanized sheet metal to offer complete storage solutions. METALIKA shelves are "heavy duty", with a high load capacity per shelf and enhanced compartmentalization versatility. Our team ensures on-site assembly, and the design department can find the best solution for any space.


We design and manufacture metal furniture for any space. We continuously adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients, being able to create unique products that perfectly fit the necessities of any activity.


Execuție și livrare rapidă

Fast execution and delivery

Proiecte personalizate

Custom projects